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The Casa Nova apple

The cultivation of fruit trees, especially apple trees, began to have an important economic significance in the region of Alcobaça with the arrival of the monks of the Claraval order in the mid-twelfth century. The apples produced in this region have a unique quality and flavor in the world! This differentiation is due to the particularities of the region in terms of soil and climate, since it is located in a narrow strip between Serra dos Candeeiros and the Oceano Atlântico, which creates a microclimate with very particular conditions due to the sea breeze. The organoleptic qualities of the apple, with the balanced sweetness and acidity and the perfume of its pulp, as well as the attractiveness of the skin's color, the power of natural conservation and resistance to transport, made the monks dedicate constant care to it in the so-called farms in the Coutos de Alcobaça. The story tells that, so intense was the culture of apple trees in the region of Alcobaça, that when talking about fruit it was understood that it was apple and, in orchards, apple plantations. Delicious apples served as dessert after sumptuous meals. One of the most cultivated varieties in the past in the Alcobaça region was the ‘Casa Nova de Alcobaça’ variety.

Rui M. Maia de Sousa

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