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For us, sustainable development is much more than a duty. It is the hope that makes us believe in a better future for the next generations. Casanova - Dry Gin transforms imperfect apples, which do not correspond to the standard of fruit beauty and which, for this reason, are left aside on the shelves, into a light, fruity and very aromatic gin. That's why we say we save ugly fruit while offering beautiful and memorable moments.

Fruta feia

Sabia que 1/3 da fruta produzida em Portugal é desperdiçada devido ao seu aspeto? E que, no mundo, cerca de 1,3 bilhões de toneladas de alimentos são deixados em aterros sanitários, anualmente? 

Did you know that 1/3 of the fruit produced in Portugal is wasted due to its appearance? And that, in the world, around 1.3 billion tons of food are left in landfills annually? The planet is what we all have in common. Let’s care and respect it.

The bottles

We know we can't change the world overnight, but we can take small steps...from bottle to bottle. Made with 100% recycled glass, all Casanova - Dry Gin bottles are different and unique. By not discarding bottles with aesthetic imperfections, we reduce the impact caused by waste.

Why recycled glass?

More ecological, resistant and, in our eyes, prettier. -For every 6 tons of recycled glass used, we reduce carbon dioxide production by 1 ton. -Glass recycling is a closed loop system that does not create additional waste or by-products. -Glass can be infinitely recycled without loss of quality or purity.


A world without waste is just the world where waste is used as a resource. Use your imagination. The possibilities are endless, our resources are not.
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